Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Why do you need my correct email address?


A: The software automatically generates a password and sends it directly to the email address that you supply. We never see and have no way of knowing your actual password. We will then check you out to be sure you are a bona-fide Ford dealer employee before we activate your password to allow you access. If you make a mistake typing in your email address or supply us with an incorrect email address, you will not receive your login information. We will very occasionally send you an email with important information that you will never get if we donít have your current email address.


Q: Why is our site password protected and restricted to Ford dealer employees?


A: We carefully screen our applicants to be sure they are who they say they are. We require all members to be employees of Ford or Lincoln dealers and we password protect the site so that we may exchange ideas freely and without censorship. We occasionally allow a sponsor such as a supplier or carefully screened FAD to access the site, but it is designed as a secure area for dealer use only.


Q: Who pays for this? Why is it free for members?


A: Vernon and I believe we will all benefit greatly from the free and unrestricted exchange of ideas. I learn things here every day that make my job easier and more profitable. To that end, Vernon pays all the bills for the cost of maintaining the site. Our sponsor, currently Hesco Parts Corporation, helps defray part of the cost. More sponsors may be added in the future to help cover some of the costs, but our security policy will always remain.


Q: Is there any censorship of ideas on your site?


A: We are here to promote a free exchange of ideas. Some opinions we might not like, but we will allow them. We wonít tolerate personal attacks on our members and reserve the right to occasionally delete messages or threads that turn mean. It doesnít happen very often.